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n.1.A public shed, or portico, for travelers, worshipers, etc.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Elhamy El Zayat, member of the board of directors of Egyptian Holding Company for Airport and Air Navigation, attributed the UK's decision to halt flights to the escalation with Iran.
He said that Zayat Ullah resident of Firash town Islamabad lodged the report with Shehzad town police station that his three year old son and one and half year old daughter went to nearby shop to take some edibles.
Hossam bin Abdulmohsen Al Anqari received, separately, here today, Head of the Audit Bureau of the Republic of Lebanon Ahmed Hamdan and Head of Supreme Audit Authority of the Republic of Maldives Hassan Zayat.
Posting about the partnership on social media Zahra Zayat, Vice President MENA, YuppTV said: "We are proud to announce the launch of YuppTV on Ooredoo TV Go and set top box bringing our customers a huge range of live and on-demand entertainment on multiple devices at an affordable price."
The subtitle of this piece is "The Gods Abandon Palmyra," and it is based on the ancient flood story of Mesopotamian legends, the Holy Qur'an and the Bible, but retold in "a fantastic contemporary artistic language." Zayat has described the essence of the story as an attempt to "reorganize the universe and rebuild it in an honorable manner after it was over-flooded by evils..."
American Pharaoh, for example, was once "Littleprincessemma 2012." To choose his permanent name, the Zayat family convened in January 2014 around good food, and called out their best suggestions for the nearly 50 new horses joining their stable.
Summary: Elias Zayat's 'Deluge -- The gods abandon Palmyra' and other works exhibited at Ismaili Centre Dubai
The collective has kicked off with five directors including Ali and Nassar, Ahmed Hussein, Mohamed El Zayat and Tameem Youness.
Ahmed Zayat, his Egyptian-American Orthodox-Jewish owner, finished the year as the leading owner ranked by earnings.
Aware that women are among the most vulnerable refugees, ANERA health program manager Dima Zayat said ANERA's programs give special attention to their needs: "As women focus on their family's well-being, they often forget about their own specific needs.
Supply of a multi stage pump to feed TAKOMA braded boilers at Kafr El Zayat factories.
Zayat called on the Iranian and Egyptian officials to rapidly resume bilateral ties and reopen the two countries' embassies.