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 (zā′män′), Pieter 1865-1943.
Dutch physicist. He shared a 1902 Nobel Prize for his research on the effect of a magnetic field on a beam of light.
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Pieter, 1865–1943, Dutch physicist: Nobel prize 1902.
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Noun1.Zeeman - Dutch physicist honored for his research on the influence of magnetism on radiation which showed that light is radiated by the motion of charged particles in an atom (1865-1943)
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"Our work suggests that movement bans of between 15km and 60km are optimal for FMD while for BTV the optimal policy is to allow all movements," said Dr Mike Tildesley of Warwick's Zeeman Institute for Systems Biology and Infectious Disease Epidemiology Research.
[4.] Dekker GA, Kraayenbrink AA, Zeeman GG, van Kamp GJ.
Lead mathematician Professor David Rand, Professor of Mathematics and a member of the University of Warwick's Zeeman Institute for Systems Biology and Infectious Disease Epidemiology (SBIDER), explained that in normal life the 24 hour body clock controls small (1.5 degree) changes in body temperature.
By contrast, Nicolette Zeeman preludes her discussion of two English ballades by Charles of Orleans with a summary of theories of literary subjectivity, and follows it with a four-page 'Psychoanalytic Postscript' drawing on Freud and Melanie Klein.
Montes de Oca and Zeeman [11] studied system (4), under which the functions [a.sub.ij](t) and [b.sub.i](t) were assumed to satisfy conditions (5) and (6).
It is well known that topological superfluids are new states of matter that can be observed in two-dimensional atomic Fermi gases with strong Rashba spin-orbit coupling (SOC), conventional s-wave pairing, and out-of-plane magnetic field (Zeeman field) which breaks time-reversal symmetry.
To analyze the magnetization curve for the materials under consideration, we adopted an approach based on the Zeeman sublevels for spin angular momentum S, where the lowest energy level has a spin angular momentum projection [M.sub.S] = -S on the field direction.
Since the surviving spouse in Zeeman was unable to file a joint return in the year she incurred the loss, the court disallowed an NOL carryback against income reported on a joint tax return with her deceased husband in prior years.