Zellig Harris

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Noun1.Zellig Harris - United States linguist (born in Ukraine) who developed mathematical linguistics and interpreted speech and writing in a social context (1909-1992)
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Kroeber, the committee (which later became the Joint Committee on American Native Languages) went on to stimulate a number of documentary efforts to gather materials on the languages of the Americas (Boas' own collection of materials was later indexed by Charles Voeglin and Zellig Harris as a supplement to Language in 1945).
A esta observacion, Zellig Harris (1951) anade un nuevo factor para determinar la pertenencia de una unidad a una clase distribucional; se trata del contexto de aparicion, con lo que inicio una nueva corriente dentro de la escuela estructuralista que amplio las perspectivas del analisis sintactico.
Zellig Harris: From American Linguistics to Socialist Zionism, by Robert R Bar-sky.
Cusset refers to the 'generational grammar' of Zellig Harris and Noam Chomsky ('grammaire generationelle' in the French original, p.