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(tä-ē′nō) also Tai·no (tī′nō)
n. pl. Taíno or Taínos also Taino or Tai·nos
1. A member of an Arawak people of the Greater Antilles and the Bahamas whose culture was destroyed by genocide, epidemics, and assimilation under Spanish colonization in the early 1500s.
2. The language of this people.

[Spanish, of American Indian origin.]
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npl -nos or -no
1. (Peoples) a member of an American Indian people of the Greater Antilles and the Bahamas
2. (Languages) the language of this people, belonging to the Arawakan family
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(ˈtaɪ noʊ)

n., pl. -nos, (esp. collectively) -no.
1. a member of an American Indian people of the Greater Antilles and the Bahamas.
2. the extinct Arawakan language of the Taino.
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Ale tiez vidime, ako oraz vrsie mnozstvo udi odmieta tieto azasne vydobytky: nechca necha deti okova, rakovinu sa snazia liei energiami, blaznia o plochej Zemi a tvrdia, ze misie Apollo sa Mesiaca nikdy nedotkli.
Vodou in the Caribbean was thus influenced by native Taino (Arawak) Indian folk practices, particularly medicines and cult objects, such as the Zemi.
Pohranici ceskych zemi na pokraOovani (Dosidlovani v padesatych letech 20.
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The Zemi Aria is a spherical speaker designed by Francesco Pellisari and artist Ron Arad.
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What she uncovers is that the zemi icon on the diary has more power than just granting wishes, and she uses the new found magical powers to continue to try to make her friends' love lives better.
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Puvodni program tohoto jednani s durazem zejmena na ukoncovani mise ISAF a dalsi reakci na stale klesajici obranne vydaje evropskych clenskych zemi Aliance (3) musel byt s ohledem na mezinarodnepolitickou situaci prepracovan.
The Reds, beaten 4-1 by Peterborough last time out, were 3-0 down at half-time following a brace from Garry Thompson and a Zemi Ismail header.