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Noun1.Zen Buddhist - an adherent of the doctrines of Zen Buddhism
Zen, Zen Buddhism - school of Mahayana Buddhism asserting that enlightenment can come through meditation and intuition rather than faith; China and Japan
adherent, disciple - someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another
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The Zen Buddhist principle of no-self is a non-dualist model that is frequently identified as compatible with the increasingly acknowledged view of self as a socially constructed entity and it explicitly informs some of the most influential contemporary conceptualizations of self.
Readers will meet a tour guide, a rapper, a tattoo artist, a pawnbroker, an Uber driver, a drug dealer, and a Zen Buddhist. Written in a conversational style with a sense of humor, the book will appeal to general readers, students, and others.
These days, Peter is a Zen Buddhist and supporter of the gay pride movement.
"The Book of Tea" doesn't focus on the tea ceremony itself, but rather on the Zen Buddhist philosophy behind it.
From the tea houses of China's ancient Tang Dynasty (618-907) to the tea ceremonies developed by Japanese Zen Buddhist monks, to the current social issues faced by tea growers in India and Sri Lanka "A History of Tea" is an inherently fascinating study that deftly explores the complex history of this universal drink.
One central idea that Hakutani derives from Kerouac is that an underlying intention of "Beat poetics" was "not to describe the life of the beaten but to celebrate the life of the beatific." This, according to Hakutani, needs to be understood especially in relation to Kerouac's embrace of Mahayana Buddhism, the goal of which was to enter "a celestial state of enlightenment and acceptance of all forms of life." Hakutani, however, is quick to point out that although Kerouac comes to incorporate a number of Buddhist ideas, he was never a Zen Buddhist like Gary Snyder.
In Shinto and Zen Buddhist religions, each food's natural flavor, color, shape, and aroma comprise a gift from nature, to be enjoyed and revered.
As both a psychologist and a Zen Buddhist priest, Tim Burkett's vocations pair a broad knowledge of human behavior with the compassion, humor, and openness of Zen.
Awe-inspiring was the sight of three religious sites: Todai-iji, a Buddhist temple complex in the city of Nara; Kinkaku-ji, a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto; and Kiyomizu-dera, an independent Buddhist temple in eastern Kyoto.
A documentary on Zen Buddhist monks and nuns, led by 91-yearold Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh, who have mastered the art of mindfulness in a monastery in rural France.
The Zen Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh coined this term to describe the state of mutual dependence we all live in.
In "The Art of Caring" (page 64), Zen Buddhist teacher Frank Ostaseski shares the wisdom of his "Five Invitations" gleaned from a lifetime of work with the dying.