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The primary form of meditation in Zen Buddhism, practiced while sitting cross-legged.

[Japanese : za, to sit down (from Early Middle Chinese dzwa'; also the source of Mandarin zuò) + zen, silent meditation; see Zen.]


(Buddhism) (in Zen Buddhism) deep meditation undertaken whilst sitting upright with legs crossed
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Newton spent in jail, and how Newton learned Zen meditation to provide some relief from the conditions that accompany imprisonment.
As Holling discusses in her essay for the exhibition catalogue, such an image means to be both empty and full, a paradox partly derived from the tenets of Zen meditation practice, according to which emptiness of mind permits a conscious apprehension of the fullness of being.
Introduction to Zen Meditation and Practice - First of three classes will be from 7 p.m.
Try this form of Zen meditation. Sit in a comfortable position with the spine straight and eyes closed.
An exception may be Zen meditation, which seeks to banish all thought forms, so that meditating on nothingness allows new perceptions to emerge.
Zen meditation and karate classes were recently added, along with outdoor operas like Madame Butterfly.
The temple will also host a free Introduction to Zen Meditation from 7 to 8:30 p.m.
Based on yoga, martial arts, Zen Meditation, and Greek and Roman exercises, Pilates is a very gentle, yet extremely effective form of exercise that can be practiced for a lifetime.
Synopsis: In "Go Deep and Take Plenty of Root: A Prairie-Norwegian Father, Rebellion in Minneapolis, Basement Zen, Growing Up, Growing Tender", Erik Storlie explores his conflicted prairie-Norwegian roots, a sixties Beat scene in Minneapolis that inspired the early Bob Dylan, friendship with the poets James Wright and Robert Bly, and his almost fifty years of Zen meditation. "Go Deep and Take Plenty of Root" illuminates a tectonic shift in American life, Erik Storlie's embrace of the contemplative arts, and the real-world challenge of bringing an idealistic meditative practice into marriage, divorce, raising children, and the deaths of parents.
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Mindfulness practices, such as Zen meditation, stress reduction techniques that combine meditation with yoga and coping strategies, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy can all provide benefits for people facing a range of health challenges.