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a.1.Of or pertaining to a zeolite; consisting of, or resembling, a zeolite.
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55-57) The presence of zeolite particles on the panels in contact with the suspension of the modified zeolitic rock, or the modified zeolite and zinc phosphate, was detected through the characteristics peaks of zeolites.
Between 18 and 275[degrees] C only zeolitic water was lost, whereas between 275 and 615[degrees] C 4.
Zeolites and related microporous materials (herein referred to as zeolitic materials) are crystalline materials consisting of alternating regions of framework atoms and voids.
2004, Zeolitic tuffs as raw materials for lightweight aggregates.
Crystallographic studies of four zeolitic materials using neutron powder diffraction data are presented.
Next we come to the famous Malad quarry complex near Mumbai (Bombay), from whence have lately emerged about 20 winsome thumbnail specimens of lustrous pinkish orange stilbite (or stellerite--no species-determination has yet been made), as spherical 2-cm clusters to which adhere patches of chalky white zeolitic material.
These zeolitic materials are used widely for tasks ranging from the production of gasoline and medcal ocygen to improved laundry detergents.