n.1.(Mil.) Same as Zareba.
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Le responsable au Commissariat regional au developpement agricole signale, par ailleurs, que trois decharges de margine ont ete amenagees a Zaghouan, Zeriba et Nadhour, sans compter les decharges creees par le prive.
Agence Nationale pour la Valorisation des Ressources en Hydrocarbures (ALNAFT) plans to explore the Zeriba Concession in the Central Area, in Algeria.
The soldiers had their backs to the Nile, behind a zeriba -- some mimosa scrub -- near the village of Egaiga.
In his book The River War, Winston Churchill, who charged with the 21tst Lancers at the battle, described the enemy hosts: "Suddenly the whole black line which seemed to be the zeriba [a perimeter of thorn bushes and branches] began to move.
Le premier projet finance par l'Agence Fonciere Industrielle (AFI) moyennant une enveloppe de 6 millions de dinars a pour objectif d'approvisionner les zones industrielles de Zeriba en eau potable avec l'extension des canalisations.
15) At this time, more Southern peoples became Islamicized, particularly those living in and around the zeribas.