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(zîr′ō-sŭm′, zē′rō-)
Of or relating to a situation in which a gain is offset by an equal loss: "Under the zero-sum budgeting system that governs federal spending, the money for spinal research is likely to be deducted from some other research account" (Daniel S. Greenburg).


relating to a situation in which one person's loss is equal to the other person's gain


denoting an element of game theory in which the amount lost is always equal to the amount gained: a zero-sum economy.
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Economists call this a zero sum gain, and we are like that grocer in most of what Congress does these days.
Right now, this trip to Doha will be a zero sum gain for him.
The category is still growing, but it is getting closer to a zero sum gain where you have to grow by taking something away from somebody," says Doug Renfro, vice president, marketing, at Renfro Foods, Inc.
Does it affect enrollment rates, or is it just a zero sum gain that one person goes up and one person goes down?
As I do not believe in international economics being a zero sum gain, this does not necessarily imply that the United States will become weaker in absolute terms.
Mr Mandelson said: "There are some, not just in France but in many countries and not just Europe either, who see economic change and what's going on in the world in zero sum gain terms: that if others gain we automatically lose, Asia rises, Europe goes downwards.