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Adj.1.zig-zag - having short sharp turns or angles
crooked - having or marked by bends or angles; not straight or aligned; "crooked country roads"; "crooked teeth"
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Last season, Zig Zag Productions brilliantly captured four adult film stars trying to make it as actors on the London stage, and we are pleased to be partners for yet another sensational season with an all new cast and all new twists.
LOS ANGELES, May 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Zig Zag Zoom's mobile game Towering Oceans takes tower building to a whole new level.
As per the Australian Securities Exchange, Lend Lease declared that it will begin work on The Zig Zag Building and Kings Gate on the site of the former Kingsgate House.
Middles brough police ran a competition at St Alphonsus Primary School, North Ormesby, where pupils had to design posters asking drivers not to park on yellow zig zag lines outside their school.
Some of the names set to be recognised as integral parts of Liverpool include The Bling Building, The Zig Zag and The Terrace.
Swansea Council's Road Safety Team was working with St Helens Primary School in Swansea on the campaign to discourage thoughtless parents and drivers from parking on the yellow zig zag lines which are painted on the roadside at the entrance of school premises.
I alerted the PR company which sent me the DVD to the crass gaffe, while an equally stunned colleague - the Daily Post's Mike Chapple, who is interviewed on the programme - contacted the producers, Zig Zag.
It's official, Zig Zag is the sixth fastest growing company in the UK according to The Sunday Times Fast Track survey published this month.
Bridgend County Council originally refused the proposal for a 26-plot touring caravan park, with a caravan storage area and wash block, on land near Zig Zag Lane in Newton.
HOUSTON -- New Ridaz, comprised of NB Ridaz singer/rappers Dos and Zig Zag, along with pop/dance phenomenon Angelina, are set to release their debut solo album as a group.
You can with Zig Zag Zoom's mobile game Tree Story.
But one street that does -- and one that certainly stands apart from any other ordinary road -- is Zig Zag Road in West Derby.