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Noun1.Zigadenus - genus of mostly North American poisonous plants; sometimes placed in family Melanthiaceae
liliid monocot genus - genus of monocotyledonous plants comprising mostly herbs having usually petaloid sepals and petals and compound pistils
family Liliaceae, Liliaceae, lily family - includes species sometimes divided among the following families: Alliaceae; Aloeaceae; Alstroemeriaceae; Aphyllanthaceae; Asparagaceae; Asphodelaceae; Colchicaceae; Convallariaceae; Hemerocallidaceae; Hostaceae; Hyacinthaceae; Melanthiaceae; Ruscaceae; Smilacaceae; Tecophilaeacea; Xanthorrhoeaceae
death camas, zigadene - any of various plants of the genus Zigadenus having glaucous leaves and terminal racemes of mostly white flowers; all are poisonous
alkali grass, Zigadenus elegans - plant of western North America having grasslike leaves and greenish-white flowers
white camas, Zigadenus glaucus - plant of eastern and central North America having creamy white flowers tinged with brown or purple; poisonous especially to grazing animals
poison camas, Zigadenus nuttalli - a common perennial death camas; Tennessee to Kansas to Texas
grassy death camas, Zigadenus venenosus, Zigadenus venenosus gramineus - plant of western North America to Mexico; poisonous especially to grazing animals
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0.6 [+ or -] 0.1 1.1 [+ or -] 0.2 Wyethia helianthoides 3.3 [+ or -] 0.6 Zigadenus venenosus 0.3 [+ or -] 0.0 0.3 [+ or -] 0.0 FORB--ANNUAL/PERENNIAL Claytonia perfoliata ssp.
Reproduction and growth of the chaparral geophyte, Zigadenus fremontii (Liliaceae), in relation to fire.
A conspectus of Mexican Melanthiaceae including a description of new taxa of Schoenocaulon and Zigadenus. Acta Bot.
Although poisonings with cardiotoxic plants containing sodium channel activators, such as monkshood (Aconitum spp.) and death camas (Zigadenus spp.), may mimic cardiac glycoside poisoning on initial presentation with bradycardia, heart blocks, and ventricular tachydysrhythmias sodium channel activator poisonings are often accompanied by hypotension and cardiovascular collapse; are refractory to reversal with digoxin-specific Fab; and may require inotropic support, temporary cardiac pacing, or temporary cardiopulmonary bypass.
From Arrowleaf Balsamroot, whose flowers and roots were cooked and eaten by Indians, to Zigadenus Elegans, a poisonous death camas flower planted by Indians around their camp perimeters to ward off evil spirits, "Mountain Wildflowers" presents a rainbow of relevant information about beautiful mountain wildflowers for young readers.
Gray E, J N 4188 [Wright's skill leap | LILIACEAE Allium drummondii Regel E, J N 4171 [Drummond's onion] Zigadenus nut tallii (A.