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n.1.(Bot.) A low, thorny, suffrutescent, crucifeous plant (Zilla myagroides) found in the deserts of Egypt. Its leaves are boiled in water, and eaten, by the Arabs.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"TO cook by your fire and to sleep under your roof for the night," I had announced on entering old Ebbits's cabin; and he had looked at me blear-eyed and vacuous, while Zilla had favored me with a sour face and a contemptuous grunt.
And each time Zilla had looked sourer than ever and grunted more contemptuously.
Zilla, on the other hand, rocked more rapidly, and for the first time, in sharp little yelps, voiced her pain.
Zilla relaxed her sour mouth long enough to sigh her satisfaction.
"What if the young men do return with meat?" Zilla demanded harshly.
"To-day speak true one way, to-morrow speak true another way, which is to lie," was Zilla's dictum.
He ceased, puffed at the pipe, found that it was out, and passed it over to Zilla, who took the sneer at the white man off her lips in order to pucker them about the pipe-stem.
Old Ebbits looked at me in childlike wonder, while Zilla sneered openly at the absurdity of my question.
"It is the foolishness of the white man," snapped Zilla.
ai!" wailed Zilla. "Crafty and wise was he, and my first- born!"
I shook my head in token of my ignorance, and Ebbits looked compassion at me, while Zilla snorted her customary contempt.
"Always did Bidarshik journey in far places," Zilla interrupted proudly.