zinc sulphide

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Noun1.zinc sulphide - a yellow to white crystalline fluorescent compound that occurs naturally as sphalerite or wurtzite and is used as a luminous pigment
sulfide, sulphide - a compound of sulphur and some other element that is more electropositive
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Collectorless flotation of lead and zinc sulphide from Derekoy Ore Deposit.
Simon Milroy, the Managing Director of KGL Resources, commented: "We are delighted with the discovery of visible copper, lead and zinc sulphide below the existing inferred resource at Marshall, that supports the potential scale of the Jervois project.
A spokesman for Friends of the Earth Scotland said: "The zinc sulphide will smother the ocean floor and affect the organisms which live there.
The Dynatec zinc process pressure leaches zinc sulphide concentrates directly, avoiding roasting and the related production of sulphur dioxide gas and sulphuric acid.
The ores from the two mines would be blended to reduce selenium content in Wolverine ore, and crushing and processing would take place in a 4,250 t/d mill facility, producing copper, lead, and zinc sulphide concentrates, The average annual production is estimated at 109,000 t/y of zinc, 12,000 t/y of copper, 15,000 t/y of lead, 54,000 oz/y of gold and 8 Moz/y of silver.
These materials, such as zinc sulphide doped with copper, are brighter and use less power.
In addition recent channel samples in two new zones of very high grade zinc sulphide mineralization grading up to 30% zinc identified in recently reconditioned underground workings sit along trend to the west of the current drill program (announced 10 January 2018) and suggest significant scope to expand high grade zinc mineralization into this areas.
Typically, holograms are metallised fully or partially with aluminium or copper, as a reflection-enhancing layer, or coated with HRI materials such as zinc sulphide to provide a semi-transparent effect.
Among the topics there are the comparative Mossbauer analysis of the superfine structure of Hadfield steel under different kinds of severe deformation, the isochronal and isothermal annealing of wrought aluminum alloy, the quantitative analysis of fiber fracture in powder injection molded metal composites, the characterization and properties of copper-silica sand nanoparticle composites, modeling three-dimensional moving heat sources in a semi-infinite medium and applications to submerged arc welding, and self-diffusion in nano zinc sulphide.
The metallurgical test results indicate that overall grade of blended lead sulphide-oxide concentrate assayed 67% lead, with an 82% recovery of total lead in plant feed, and zinc sulphide graded 58% Zn with a 74% recovery of total zinc in the plant feed.
An exclusion zone was set up as teams began pumping zinc sulphide from the stricken vessel, which is lying in 60 feet of water.