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(zɪˈpɔr ə, -ˈpoʊr ə, ˈzɪp ər ə)

the wife of Moses. Ex. 2:21.
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The book that would get this promising young ballerina back on track--and back to the studio--was Zippora Karz' memoir, The Sugarless Plum.
This caused him to fall madly in love with her, as Zippora relates
I wish to thank Zippora Cohen, Eran Finer, Shahar Lifshitz, Ariel Porat, and Amihai Radzyner for valuable advice regarding former drafts, and to Tobie Harris for her wonderful research assistance.
Since The Red Tent was published, book stores have been flooded with novels on Sarah, Rebecca, King David's wife Michal, Esther, Miriam and Zippora, as well as Rachel and Leah.
Another was Zippora Arzi-Gonczarowski's ISAAC, with a special module construct that allows incremental, compositional system growth.
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Infected underarm sores brought New York City Ballet dancer Zippora Karz to the doctor's office some two decades ago.