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(zɪˈpɔr ə, -ˈpoʊr ə, ˈzɪp ər ə)

the wife of Moses. Ex. 2:21.
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They alluded to God's creation of a wife from Adam's rib "and for this cause a man shall leave father and mother, and cleave unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh," and that "this is a great mystery"; they prayed that God would make them fruitful and bless them, like Isaac and Rebecca, Joseph, Moses and Zipporah, and that they might look upon their children's children.
International Business of the Year, sponsored by Brighter Comms: Colin Jones Clarke and Hartland; Genesis Biosciences; IQE; and Zipporah.
We took a break at Mount Sinai to have a religious wedding ceremony by the well at the mountain's base, where scriptural narrative notes that Moses first met Zipporah, his wife-to-be.
The brief episode in which God "tried to kill" Moses, and Zipporah saves him by circumcising their son and rubbing it on Moses, remains enigmatic (Exod 4:24-26).
Zipporah Lisle-Mainwaring, 71, hit out at her "hysterical" neighbours for complaining to the council about the red and white stripes, after they branded it "garish" and "tacky" last month.
Nine years later, Moses settled in Midian with a wife Zipporah (Maria Valverde) and son Gershom (Hal Hewetson).
Nine years later, Moses is settled in Midian with a wife Zipporah (Maria Valverde) and son Gershom (Hal Hewetson).
And now thwarted property developer Zipporah Lisle-Mainwaring is proving that for some in super posh Kensington, West London, life can really be a beach.
Moses walks for a long time until he comes to an oasis, where he encounters Zipporah (Maria Valverde), daughter of Jethro (Kevork Malikyan), who are shepherds.
A second handicap win of the season from the front for the George Webb-trained Zipporah at Thurles means another 9lb rise to a hurdle mark of 106.
12:1: [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "Miram and Aaron spoke against Moses concerning the Cushite woman whom he had taken; and behold, the Cushite woman was Zipporah, the wife of Moses