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(ˈʒɪʃ kɑ)

Jan (yɑn) c1370–1424, Bohemian Hussite military leader.
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Citizenship awards: Jan Zizka EAL Award: Okba Al Kadah.
Having left Czechoslovakia in 1977 after their theatre, KQN, was shut down, Blanka and Jiri Zizka, as guest artists with the Wilma Project in Philadelphia, mount a landmark adaptation of Orwell's Animal Farm.
The Newlywed Table: A Cookbook to Start Your Life Together (Artisan, $29.95, 304 pages, 9781579657987) makes the brilliant assumption that both spouses will be getting their hands dirty at mealtime: "Let's do away with any notions of who should be responsible for cooking and start with a clean slate," writes author Maria Zizka. "You're in this together.
Award-winning American cookery writer Maria Zizka offers a keepsake book containing more than 100 essential recipes along with tips from how to reduce kitchen waste and expenses to how to host stylish and memorable dinner parties.
In addition, Photoneo's CEO Jan Zizka will hold a presentation on the PhoXi 3D camera at stage two, 1A75, on 7 November at 9.30 am.
My friend was praying and the frame just came all together." Canada's Paul Zizka, an author and award-winning mountain landscape and adventure photographer based in Banff, travels frequently worldwide capturing "under-documented" areas, including glaciers and auroras.
Here a multivariate statistical method is often used, which groups homogeneous elements into clusters (Zizka 2012).
Industrial clusters have an important impact on increasing innovation in traditional industrial systems rather than high-tech industries (Zizka et al.
The Czech and Slovak peoples of central Europe have a long and proud military tradition that stretches back to the religious wars of the 15th century when the Bohemian Hussite infantry, under the leadership of their one-eyed general, Jan Zizka, repeatedly defeated the mounted chivalry of Germany and Austria and laid the foundations of modern Czech nationalism.