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Adj.1.Zolaesque - in the manner of Emile Zola
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Before writing La tribuna, Pardo Bazan had become attracted to Zolaesque Naturalism, which stimulated her to write a series of twenty articles between November 1882 and April 1883 for the Madrid newspaper La Epoca.
Another aspect of Zolaesque naturalism is demonstrated throughout the movie when the observer notes that one of Nava's primary intention in the film is to focus on the main reasons why undocumented Latinos emigrate to the USA.
At this point, Lawrence alludes intertextually to Zola: "'I suppose their lives are not really so bad,' said Winifred Inger, superior to the Zolaesque tragedy" (R 322; my italics).
And he was a Zolaesque technician with a concern for form and economy.
"I learned pretty well everything I know about human nature in the five years I spent at St Thomas's Hospital," Maugham recalled, and it was his harrowing experience tending to patients in the slums that gave him the subject for his first novel, the Zolaesque Liza Of Lambeth (1897), published when he was just 23.
The method shall be I fancy Zolaesque (I don't mean indecent) a great canvass crowded with religious and socialistic lunatics, the invested city for stage, and three, at most four, figures in the foreground involved in the overwhelming fate: the girl, her two lovers, and the father.
It's both wrong and dangerous to believe that a hospital is just like a concentration camp--or that the offices we work in are just like Zolaesque coal mines--or that the windmill, because it is big and has arms and because it destroys a previous model of agronomic livelihood, is just like a man-eating giant.
Wolfe infused this composite portrait of racial, class, and ethnic hostilities in 1980s New York with a Zolaesque and Dreiseresque naturalism, which resulted in a satire combining scathing commentary with sociological detail.
It is veritably Zolaesque in the way McEwan absorbs and flaunts his research into neurosurgery to make credible Perowne's professional labors and his meditations on how mind meets brain.
Among this year's world premieres are "Miracolo a Palermo!" (Miracle in Palermo!), a 24-hour slice of Sicilian life directed by Beppe Cino, and Eleanor Yule's updated Zolaesque tale "Blinded," starring Jodhi May and Peter Mullan.
Was it written out of his head, unlike his peasant stories, as the second step in his Zolaesque project (abortive) to achieve a five-novel series that would go up the ladder of Sicilian society?
More clearly influenced by Zolaesque naturalism, and with a story more strongly controlled by a narrator with close ties to the central male character of the novel, Sidney Kirkwood, The Nether World indicates clearly the limits of Gissing's use of internal perspective to represent woman's agency.