Zonal structure

(Crystallog.) a structure characterized by the arrangements of color, inclusions, etc., of a crystal in parallel or concentric layers, which usually follow the outline of the crystal, and mark the changes that have taken place during its growth.

See also: Zonal

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Afenifere said 'Ekwueme will forever be remembered as a giant among advocates of federalism in Nigeria and the man who gave Nigeria the six zonal structure that we have in the country today.
The Ministry of Transport recognises that this is no longer sustainable and plans to replace the current flat rate fare system with a zonal structure.
It is worth noting that the new public transport system is based on a zonal structure which is designed to make travel simpler by ensuring fares are directly proportionate to distance travelled.
The design follows a zonal structure, creating areas that appeal to dedicated racing and sports fans, and others that have been given the feel of a modern wine bar with the aim of providing a comfortable venue where city types can spend lunchtime and couples can head for a night out.
These results indicate that the measurements in this direction require deeper analyses, particularly from the aspect of electronic zonal structure of the Cd-Sb system, and the research shouldcontinue in this direction.
From the first whistle the visitors started strongly with a strong zonal structure, fast running and accurate long and short passing.
The interstate system is operating to maintain the core/semiperiphery/periphery zonal structure of the world-system and the cost of maintaining this order is diminishing from the viewpoint of the core states and enterprises as the states in the semiperiphery and periphery embrace capitalist ideology, core enterprises, and U.
2011 began with much uncertainty; starting with the long anticipated switch from zonal structure to the new nodal design, followed by unexpected rolling blackouts across Texas, and now the nuclear energy scare following the earthquake in Japan.
Travel Demand Modeling * Running the Central Florida Regional Planning Model (CFRPM) or Other Applicable Model(s) * Reviewing Results from the CFRPM or Other * Review of Socioeconomic Data, Zonal Structure, Network and Model Input Files, and Scripts * Developing/Updating Socioeconomic Data (ZDATA) *
Concurrently, Marsh is realigning its zonal structure in the U.
Because these governors/administrators were not sons of the soil, or because of their military background they were highly ignorant of the composition and zonal structure of the state.
HydroZONES represents an interdisciplinary consortium that adopts a strategy to regenerate, rather than repair, articular cartilage based on the tissues zonal structure and function.