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n.1.A belt or girdle which the Christians and Jews of the Levant were obliged to wear to distinguish them from Mohammedans.
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1, Stand A07/A08), Continental will be demonstrating the additional benefit for fleet operators with the optimized VoicR app on the Zonar Connect tablet (available in North America) which enables seamless communication between them and their drivers.
Transfinder and CI Solutions, along with Zonar Systems, another Marketplace Partner, are currently demonstrating the power of the Marketplace concept.
SinoHydro will partner with Zonar Construct for the Pasig River, Marikina River and Manggahan Floodway bridges and with One Whitebeach Land Development for the Ambal Simuay subriver basin flood control project.
In the US, Daimler has acquired a minority equity stake in Zonar, a tech firm that earlier collaborated on Daimler's Virtual Technician, a diagnostic platform to identify whether faults need workshop attention or if they can be attended to by the driver without needing to cancel the run.
Auto Business News-March 29, 2016--Daimler Trucks North America expands Zonar collaboration
Limnologia de la laguna de Zonar (Cordoba): efectos de la retirada total de carpas.
2008): "Arid and humid phases in southern Spain during the last 4000 years: the Zonar lake record, Cordoba", The Holocene, 18 (6), pp.
And in Illinois, some districts use an ID scanning system from Zonar Systems that's similar to what is used in Denver.
Zonar reports companies using its Ground Traffic Control online portal can now view the locations of all their moving and non-moving assets in one place.
CINTERION was also honored with two prestigious Value Chain Awards for powering wireless communications for Philips Respironics System One sleep therapy solution, integrating TC65i, and for Zonar Systems fleet management solution, integrating TC63i.
Es decir, contratas a la mejor empresa que haga investigacion via radar, via zonar y ellos te hacen esa parte de la investigacion; despues contratas alguna empresa que via satelite tambien te ayude a ubicar los yacimientos y ahi es otra empresa.