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n. pl.1.(Zool.) A division of Mammalia in which the placenta is zonelike.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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HORNET MIMIC HOVERFLY (VOLUCELLA ZONARIA) A pollinator and fly, the UK's largest hoverfly mimics the European hornet to avoid being eaten.
8 0,19 7 0,55 20 Patella ulyssiponensis 1 0,02 1 0,07 2 Siphonaria pectinata 3 0,07 3 0,23 5 Stramonita haemastoma 7 0,17 5 0,39 13 Zonaria pyrum 5 0,12 5 0,39 14 Total gasteropodos 704 17,09 534 42,51 3601 Crustaceos NR %NR NMI %NMI Peso Balanus sp.
Bushlike algae (hereafter referred to as BA) are erect, coarsely branched algae (e.g., Asparagopsis spp., Corallina elongata, Dyctiota spp., Padina pavonica, Stypocaulon scoparium, Stypopodium zonale, Zonaria tournefortii), from 1-15 cm in height, which constitute either large algal cushions or thin sheets.
THE press release accompanying this album proclaimed: "Zonaria are well prepared to become the new Swedish extreme metal sensation." The Cancer Empire, juxtaposing brutality and melody with a lashing of the symphonic, should see this young quartet explode from the underground.
In particular, it's the first time that Britain's largest hoverfly, a 2cm long hornet mimic called volucella zonaria, has strayed this far north.
vickersiae Hoyt in Howe (Howe 1920), until Allender & Kraft (1983) recognized that the "Padina gymnospora" of various authors had been misinterpreted to be usually three cells in thickness, whereas the type (Zonaria gymnospora Kutz.) is four cells thick in mid frond and 6-8 cells thick closer to the base, in agreement with Kutzing's (1859) original depiction.
San Clemente Island: Purse Seine Rock (hundreds on Zostera, 5/96, 9/98, 8/00) and Pyramid Head (abundant on Phyllospadix, Sargassum palmeri, Zonaria farlowii, and miscellaneous brown algae, 9/98).
Lesson, 1835 33.4 34.0 Tridachia diomedea Bergh, 1894 1.8 Trimusculus reticulatus (Sowerby, 1835) 1.8 Zonaria arabicula (Lamarck, 1811) 1.8 Total number of gastropod species 5 13 22 28 Bivalve species SL UI MI LI * Brachidontes adamsianus Dunker, 1857 60.7 8.5 Chama squamuligera Pilsbry & Lowe, 1932 1.8 8.1 9.8 * Chloromytilus palliopunctatus Carpenter, 1857 3.57 61.3 9.0 Isognomon recognitus Mabille, 1895 3.6 7.1 Pteria sterna Gould, 1851 1.8 Total number of bivalve species 1 2 4 4 SL: supralittoral, UI: upper intertidal, MI: middle intertidal, LI: lower intertidal.
At each sampling time, five replicate plants were collected from each of Dictyopteris acrostichoides, Padina crassa, Zonaria diesingiana, Sargassum linearifolium, and S.