Zone axis

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(Crystallog.) a straight line passing through the center of a crystal, to which all the planes of a given zone are parallel.

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Oladunjoye said the government had opened its doors to investors willing to partner the state in the provision of inter-modal transportation infrastructure within the Lekki Free Zone axis, with emphasis on road and rail system to accommodate the massive investments coming into the corridor and solve the attendant traffic challenges.
The fast Fourier transform images were obtained for the high-resolution images and were compared to patterns generated by SingleCrystal software to verify the lattice parameter and zone axis.
The upper inset (b) shows diffraction pattern from matrix region (MP) and is found to have BCC structure with [102] BCC zone axis. Similarly lower inset (c) has been obtained from the precipitate in matrix (PM) and has FCC structure from [031] FCC zone axis.
After comparing with the stimulation image of electron diffraction pattern of Ni[Ti.sub.B2] in [001] zone axis (Figure 2(c)), the matrix in Figure 2(a) can be determined to be Ni-Ti B2 phase.
2 - Transmission electron microscope (TEM) image of IBN-9 nanofiber taken along [100] zone axis.
Louisville Adrenaline Zone Axis Skateshop Home Skate Station