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n. pl. zo·on·o·ses (-sēz′)
A disease of animals, such as rabies or psittacosis, that can be transmitted to humans.

[New Latin : zoo- + -nosis, alteration (influenced by -osis) of Greek nosos, disease.]

zo′o·not′ic (-ə-nŏt′ĭk) adj.
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(zəʊˈɒnəsɪs; ˌzəʊəˈnəʊsɪs)
n, pl -ses (-siːz)
(Pathology) pathol any infection or disease that is transmitted to man from lower vertebrates
[from zoo- + Greek nosos disease]
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(zoʊˈɒn ə sɪs, ˌzoʊ əˈnoʊ sɪs n., pl. -ses (-sēz`, -sēz))
any disease of animals communicable to humans.
[1875–80; < Greek zōio- zoo- + nósos sickness, with ending appar. conformed to -sis]
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any disease of lower animals that may be transmitted to man. — zoonotic, adj.
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Noun1.zoonosis - an animal disease that can be transmitted to humans
animal disease - a disease that typically does not affect human beings
actinomycosis - disease of cattle that can be transmitted to humans; results from infection with actinomycetes; characterized by hard swellings that exude pus through long sinuses
splenic fever - a highly infectious animal disease (especially cattle and sheep); it can be transmitted to people
Bang's disease, contagious abortion, brucellosis - an infectious disease of domestic animals often resulting in spontaneous abortion; transmittable to human beings
glanders - a destructive and contagious bacterial disease of horses that can be transmitted to humans
Lyme arthritis, Lyme disease - an acute inflammatory disease characterized by a rash with joint swelling and fever; caused by bacteria carried by the bite of a deer tick
lyssa, rabies, madness, hydrophobia - an acute viral disease of the nervous system of warm-blooded animals (usually transmitted by the bite of a rabid animal); rabies is fatal if the virus reaches the brain
leptospirosis, swamp fever - an infectious disease cause by leptospira and transmitted to humans from domestic animals; characterized by jaundice and fever
deer fly fever, rabbit fever, tularaemia, tularemia, yatobyo - a highly infectious disease of rodents (especially rabbits and squirrels) and sometimes transmitted to humans by ticks or flies or by handling infected animals
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O curso provocou uma melhora em todas as respostas avaliadas (p[less than or equal to] 0,0001); a raiva foi a zoonose mais lembrada na primeira avaliacao e no segundo momento verificou-se expressiva citacao de outras doencas (toxoplasmose, bicho geografico, sarna/escabiose, larva migrans cutanea) e prevencao (higiene e vacinacao).
Pour leur part, les services veterinaires de la wilaya, qui ont confirme ces cas de brucellose humaine, ont fait savoir qu'un dispositif de lutte contre cette zoonose a ete mis en place.
The study guide covers the following topic areas: general environmental health; statutes and regulations; food protection; potable water; wastewater; solid and hazardous waste; zoonoses, vectors, pests, and poisonous plants; radiation protection; occupational safety and health; air quality; environmental noise; housing sanitation; institutions and licensed establishments; swimming pools and recreational facilities; and disaster sanitation.
Zoonoses are infectious diseases that can be naturally transmitted between animals (usually vertebrates) and humans.
Their topics include zoonoses affecting poultry: the case of Salmonella, inspection techniques for poultry slaughterhouse operations: the case of the European Union, food safety control on poultry farms: effective control of Campylobacter, enhancing texture and tenderness in poultry meat, minimizing the environmental impact of poultry production through improved feed formulation, and helping smallholders to improve poultry production.
BZU VC Dr Tahir Amin appreciated role of dairy farming in economy of the country and congratulated the faculty on holding international conference on Zoonoses.
This was the crux of a 2-day international conference on Zoonoses organized by Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC).
Hercules' efforts to dispel the Stymphalian Birds and capture the Mares of Diomedes may have exposed him to zoonoses acquired from birds and equids.
Un cheptel de plus de 107.000 tetes est cible par la campagne anti-clavelee a Tindouf, dans le cadre d'une large operation de lutte contre les zoonoses, lancee debut fevrier dernier et se poursuit jusqu'a juin prochain, a-t-on appris mercredi dernier aupres des services de l'inspection veterinaire de la wilaya.