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 (zo͞o-äv′, zwäv)
1. A member of a French infantry unit, originally composed of Algerian recruits, characterized by colorful uniforms and precision drilling.
2. A member of a group patterned after the French Zouaves, especially a member of such a unit of the Union Army in the US Civil War.

[French, from Berber Zwāwa, the Kabyle tribe from which the unit's members were originally recruited.]


(zuːˈɑːv; zwɑːv)
1. (Military) (formerly) a member of a body of French infantry composed of Algerian recruits noted for their dash, hardiness, and colourful uniforms
2. (Military) a member of any body of soldiers wearing a similar uniform or otherwise modelled on the French Zouaves, esp a volunteer in such a unit of the Union Army in the American Civil War
[C19: from French, from Zwāwa, tribal name in Algeria]


(zuˈɑv, zwɑv)

1. a member of a former body of infantry in the French army, composed orig. of Algerians, distinguished for their showy drill and picturesque uniforms.
2. a member of any military body adopting a similar dress and drill, esp. a member of any of certain volunteer regiments in the American Civil War.
[1820–30; < French < Arabic zawāwah]
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Hunter's cock-spur--possibly you have heard of that--flourished on the bull's neck; and the rhinoceros rats of the Algerian zouaves are also to be thought of,--monsters manufactured by transferring a slip from the tail of an ordinary rat to its snout, and allowing it to heal in that position.
Ledoux, and that Bellegarde's acquaintance with him dated from the days when they served together in the Pontifical Zouaves.
euro]o[beaucoup moins que] Le neuvi[euro]uA me zouaves, le treizi[euro]uA me s[euro]u[c]n[euro]u[c]galais, les artilleurs, les unit[euro]u[c]s territoriales, les compagnies r[euro]u[c]publicaines de s[euro]u[c]curit[euro]u[c], les gardes mobiles, les soldats du g[euro]u[c]nie, ceux du train, les collaborateurs traitres, appel[euro]u[c]s [euro]o[beaucoup moins que] bleus de chauffe [euro]o[beaucoup plus grand que], les polices de toutes sortes, civiles et militaires, (D.
Services concession: Public service concession for the management of the P'Tits Zouaves nursery
In the early spring of 1916 the 1/4th Leicesters were in the area of Talus de Zouaves, near Vimy Ridge.
Un groupe d'illumines qui veut casser le principe de la democratie en imposant la dictature de la minorite et qui mobilisent leurs zouaves pour essayer d'entrer dans la dissidence d'un Etat qu'ils n'ont pu avoir entre leurs seules mains.
On choisit d'exposer aussi dans cette chapelle plusieurs objets ayant appartenu aux zouaves pontificaux canadiens.
He is the author of several hooks, including "The Pope's Legion: A history of the Papal Zouaves.
3) European infantry units were known as Zouaves and dragoons as Chasseurs d'Afrique.
Et en se basant sur ce texte juridique, le boulevard des 4 Zouaves (actuellement Felix Houphouet Boigny) a ete elargi.
Partout des ecussons et des banderoles, et partout de jeunes zouaves et de petits pages montent la garde dans un ordre parfait; le Christ-Jesus peut venir, il sera dignement recu, et il constatera que l'on a laisse approcher de lui les petits enfants.
North African units like the Zouaves, the Turcos, the French Foreign Legion, or even the Mamelukes who served in Napoleon Bonaparte's Imperial Guard developed distinctive styles of dress which were later adopted by the French Metropolitan Army during the nineteenth century.