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Noun1.Zygomycotina - division of fungi having sexually produced zygospores
division - (botany) taxonomic unit of plants corresponding to a phylum
class Zygomycetes, Zygomycetes - class of fungi coextensive with subdivision Zygomycota
division Eumycota, Eumycota - true fungi; eukaryotic heterotrophic walled organisms; distinguished from Myxomycota (funguslike slime molds): comprises subdivisions Mastigomycotina; Zygomycotina; Ascomycotina; Basidiomycotina; Deuteromycotina (imperfect fungi)
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polysporum (Link ex Pers,) Rifai 25 Trichoderma sp, 1 Ulocladium consortiale (Thum,) Simmons 1 Verticillium cephalosporum Gams 4 Zygomycotina Mortierella sp, 1 Mucor sp, 6 Mycelia 117 sterilia Total 338 (a) Identification of Trichoderma isolates through sequencing of ITS region Table 2.
The order Entomophthorales belongs to the subphylum Zygomycotina under the phylum Zygomycota.