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Noun1.Zygoptera - damselfliesZygoptera - damselflies        
animal order - the order of animals
Odonata, order Odonata - dragonflies and damselflies
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Composicion y curvas de rango-abundancia: En la localidad de estudio se registraron 22 especies (26% del total de registros para Cuba); siete de Zygoptera (36%) y 15 de Anisoptera (64%), pertenecientes a seis familias y 18 generos.
The majority of Odonata species is cosmopolitan and divided into three sub orders, Zygoptera, Anisoptera and Anisozygoptera, the latter represented by only one genus and four species (Schorr & Paulson, 2017).
A total of 12 species were found in the sampled area, 8 species are in the suborder Anisoptera, and four belong to Zygoptera (Table 1).
It should be noted that other insect's species are observed in the water as larvae of Zygoptera Coenagrion sp.
0 trace trace Zygoptera Diptera: Tipulidae trace 0.
83 Orden Odonata -- -- -- -- Anisoptera (Ani) (N) -- -- -- -- Zygoptera (Zyg) (N) -- -- -- -- Orden Trichoptera Branchycentridae (Bra) (L) -- -- -- -- Item Adultos (n = 33) %F %N %P %IRI Orden Ephemeroptera (Eph) (N) 79 42 94 79.
We first compared the proportion of species in the uncommon/rare category to the proportion of common species between the suborders Anisoptera and Zygoptera (Table 1).
With respect to the type of macroinvertebrates consumed by breeding waterfowl, some species such as the filter-feeding Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata) forage primarily on cladocerans (DuBowy 1985), others like Buffiehead consume a high proportion of Zygoptera larvae (Thompson and Ankney 2002), while Lesser Scaup prefer Amphipoda (Afton and Hier 1991), and Ruddy Duck eat mostly Chironomidae larvae (Woodin and Swanson 1989).
Damselfly genera of the new world; an illustrated and annotated key to the Zygoptera.
True dragonflies belong to the suborder Anisoptera, while damselflies belong to the suborder Zygoptera.