Dictionary for Google Glass App Installation APK

You can use glassware by The Free Dictionary to look up words in several languages and access specialty dictionaries like Medical, Legal, and Financial, plus multiple encyclopedias.


Download and install the app from here.

Initiate Glass by saying "OK Glass."

OK Glass

Say "define." When the Glass screen says "Say the word," say the word you want to look up.

Glass Define

Glass Define Dictionary

You will then see the definition page for that word:

dictionary defined in Google Glass

To scroll through the page, use the swipe touch gesture.

To access the "also found in" sources like Medical, Acronyms, etc., use the two-finger touch gesture to focus on the desired link, then tap to activate.

You can also look up words in other languages:

To hear the audio pronunciation of the word, use the two-finger touch gesture to focus on the audio speaker icon, then tap to activate.