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Help Book-Man collect all the letters from a word (shown at the top of the screen) while avoiding the Blots that are chasing him. If Book-Man gets caught by a Blot or collects an incorrect letter, he loses a life.


To move Book-Man, swipe your finger in the desired direction anywhere on the game screen. If movement in the selected direction is not possible, Book-Man will move in that direction when it becomes possible (i.e. you can swipe before he gets to a turn and he will turn in that direction when he gets there).

Collecting letters

The word for each level is displayed at the top of the game screen:

Some letters may be hidden, and you must make sure that Book-Man collects the correct ones. You can use the Reveal bonus (icon here) to reveal letters that are hidden.

Word definition screen

Before each level, you can see the word and read its definition. Remember the word when gameplay begins—some letters may be hidden!
  • Press the pronuncialtion button button to play an audio pronunciation of the word (Internet connection required).
  • Press the definition button button to open the full dictionary page for the word at, including definition, translations, and thesaurus.


Coins are the in-game currency. You can exchange coins for extra lives, bonuses, or keys. To buy coins, tap the coins icon on the home screen. To exchange coin, tap the lives, bonuses, or keys icon on the home screen. Coins don't have any monetary value.


Book-Man will lose a life when he gets caught by a Blot, collects an incorrect letter, or if you exit a game before it is completed. Lives are restored over time. It takes 6 minutes to restore 1 life.

Home screen

On the home screen (the first screen you see when you open the game), you can see the map of levels as well as your lives, bonuses, keys, and coins. When you complete more levels, you can scroll up and down on the map by swiping or using the scroll up button and scroll down button buttons. On the home screen, you can tap a floating number to play the corresponding level. Locked levels are marked by a lock instead of a number. In order to play a locked level, you must first unlock it with a certain number of keys that you’ve collected or exchanged coins for.

Magic ball

Magic ball

Every Magic Ball gives you one important hint to help you during the game. Tap the Magic Ball to see the hint.


You get 10-40 points for every letter collected. If you haven't lost a life, you'll earn 20 points for the second letter and 40 points for the third letter and any letter after that. If you've lost a life, you'll get 10 points for the next collected letter. If you collect a score from the game screen, you instantly get 100 points.

After every level is completed, you can see your current points for that level as well as the best scores for the level. The best scores will be different if you already played the level and earned a higher score. Scores only count for completed levels. If you exit the level before completing it (for example, if you lost all your lives), the points collected in the level will be discarded.

Game scores

Your total score is displayed on the home screen and is calculated by adding up the best scores of each level completed. If you replay a level and earn a lower score than a previous time, your total score will not decrease.


You can collect the following bonuses inside the maze during gameplay. During gameplay, you can see available bonuses in the bottom panel.

score bonus Green crystal: Worth 100 points.
bonus Slow-Down bonus: Makes the Blots move more slowly. To activate, click on its icon in the bottom panel or double-tap the screen.
bonus Reveal bonus: Reveals the next hidden letter. To activate, click on its icon in the bottom panel or tap the screen with two fingers. If there are currently two letters in the maze, the incorrect letter will instantly disappear.
key Keys: Unlock locked levels. The number of keys required to unlock the next locked level is displayed on the home screen, along with how many keys you have collected. For example, 2/4 means that you collected 2 of the 4 keys required.


You can permanently remove ads from the game by buying any amount of coins.

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Share the game from Settings. You can share via text, Facebook, Twitter, and more. During the game, you will be offered a reward for sharing.

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