(e)su- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root (e)su-: eu-, nainsook, swastika.



Oldest form *h1(e)su-. Originally suffixed form of es-
1. eu- from Greek eu-, well, combining form of eus, good.
a. swastika from Sanskrit svasti, well-being, good luck (-asti, being; see es-);
b. nainsook from Sanskrit sukha-, running easily (said of a chariot), pleasant ("having good axle-holes"; kham, axle-hole). Both a and b from Sanskrit su-, good.
3. cushy perhaps from Urdu khūš, good, from Persian khvaš, perhaps from Old Iranian *khvaxša-, having a good appearance, from hu- (becoming khv- before vowels), good (-axša-, eye; see okw-)

[Pokorny esu-s 342.]

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