(s)keu- / Indo-European roots


To cover, conceal.

Zero-grade form *(s)ku-. Variant *(s)keuə-, zero-grade form *(s)kuə-, contracted to *(s)kū-.

Derivatives include sky, meerschaum, scum, obscure, recoil, hoard.

1. Suffixed basic form.
a. sky from Old Norse skȳ, cloud;
b. skewbald from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Norse skȳ, cloud. Both a and b from Germanic *skeu-jam, cloud ("cloud cover").
2. Zero-grade form *skū-.
a. Suffixed form *skū-mo-. (i) skim from Old French escume, scum; (ii) meerschaum from Old High German scūm, scum; (iii) scum from Middle Dutch schūm, scum. (i)-(iii) all from Germanic *skūmaz, foam, scum (< "that which covers the water");
b. suffixed form *skū-ro-. obscure; chiaroscuro from Latin obscūrus, "covered" dark (ob-, away from; see epi).
3. Zero-grade form *kū̆-.
a. Suffixed form *kū-ti-. hide2 from Old English hȳd, skin, hide, from Germanic *hūdiz;
b. suffixed form *ku-ti-. cutaneous, cuticle, cutis; cutin from Latin cutis skin;
c. possibly suffixed form *kū-lo-. culet, culotte; bascule, recoil from Latin cūlus, the rump, backside;
d. suffixed form *ku-to-. -cyte, cyto- from Greek kutos, a hollow, vessel.
4. Extended zero-grade form *kus-.
a. (i) hose, hosel from Old English hosa, hose, covering for the leg; (ii) lederhosen from Old High German hosa, leg covering. Both (i) and (ii) from Germanic *husōn-;
b. suffixed form *kuz-dho- (or suffixed extended form *kudh-to-). (i) hoard from Old English hord, stock, store, treasure (< "thing hidden away"), from Germanic *huzdam; (ii) compound *kuzdho-zd-, "sitting (over) a treasure" (*-zd-, sitting; see sed-) custody from Latin custōs, guard;
c. kishke from Russian kishka, gut (< "sheath").
5. Suffixed extended zero-grade form *kut-no-. cunnilingus from Latin cunnus, vulva (< "sheath").
6. Extended root *keudh-.
a. hide1 from Old English hȳdan, to hide, cover up, from Germanic suffixed lengthened zero-grade form *hūd-jan;
b. hut from French hutte, hut, from Germanic suffixed zero-grade form *hūd-jōn-;
c. huddle from Low German hudeln, to crowd together, probably from Germanic *hū̆d-.
7. shieling from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Norse skāli, hut, from Germanic suffixed o-grade form *skaw-ala-.

[Pokorny 2. (s)keu- 951.]

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