(s)mer- / Indo-European roots


To remember.

1. Suffixed zero-grade form *mr̥-no-. mourn from Old English murnan, to mourn, from Germanic *murnan, to remember sorrowfully.
2. Reduplicated form *me-mor-.
a. memorable, memorandum, memory; commemorate, remember from Latin memor, mindful.

[Pokorny (s)mer- 969.]


To get a share of something.

1. Suffixed (stative) form *mer-ē-. meretricious, merit; demerit, emeritus, turmeric from Latin merēre, merērī, to receive a share, deserve, serve.
2. Suffixed form *mer-o-. -mer, -mere, meristem, mero-, -merous; allomerism, dimer, isomer, monomer, polymer, trimer from Greek meros (feminine meris), a part, division.

[In Pokorny (s)mer- 969.]

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