(s)nāu- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root (s)nāu-: naiad, neuston, nourish, nurse, nurture, nutrient, nutriment, nutrition, nutritive.


To swim, flow, let flow, whence suckle.

Oldest form *sneh2u-; colored to *snah2u-, becoming *(s)nāu-. Extension of snā-
1. Suffixed basic form *nāw-yo-. naiad from Greek Naias, fountain nymph, probably from nān, to flow.
2. Variant root form *(s)neu(ə)-. neuston from Greek nein, to swim.
3. Zero-grade form *(s)nū- (< *snuə-) in suffixed form *nū-trī (with feminine agent suffix) nourish, nurse, nurture, nutrient, nutrify, nutriment, nutrition, nutritious, nutritive from Latin nūtrīx, nurse, and nūtrīre, to suckle, nourish.

[In Pokorny snā- 971.]

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