(s)teg- / Indo-European roots


To cover.

Derivatives include thatch, thug, detect.

I. O-grade form *tog-.
1. a. thatch from Old English theccan, to cover; b. deck2 from Middle Dutch decken, to cover; c. deckle from Old High German decchen, to cover. a-c all from Germanic *thakjan.
2. a. thatch from Old English thæc, thatch; b. deck1 from Middle Dutch dec, decke, roof, covering. Both a and b from Germanic *thakam.
3. Suffixed form *tog-ā-, covering. toga from Latin toga, toga.
4. Possibly Sanskrit sthagayati, he covers thug
II. Basic form *steg-. steganography, stegodon, stegosaurus from Greek stegein, to cover.
III. Basic form *teg-. tectrix, tectum, tegmen, tegmentum, tegular, tegument, tile, tuile, tuille; detect, integument, obtect, protect from Latin tegere, to cover, and tēgula, tile (with lengthened-grade root).

[Pokorny 1. (s)teg- 1013.]

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