aik- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root aik-: eigenvalue, fraught, freight, Ganesh, ought, owe, own.


To be master of, possess.

Oldest form *h2eik̑-, colored to *h2aik̑-, becoming *aik̑- in satem languages and *aik- in centum languages.
1. ought1, owe from Old English āgan, to possess, from Germanic *aigan, to possess.
a. own from Old English āgen, one's own;;
b. eigenvalue, eigenvector from Old High German eigan, one's own. Both a and b from Germanic participial form *aiganaz, possessed, owned.
3. fraught, freight from Middle Low German and Middle Dutch vrecht, vracht, "earnings" hire for a ship, freight, from Germanic prefixed form *fra-aihtiz, absolute possession, property (*fra-, intensive prefix; see per1)
4. Reduplicated zero-grade (perfect) form *h2e-h2ik-, remade to *h2i-h2ik- (> *īk-). Ganesh from Sanskrit īṣṭe, he rules over.

[Pokorny ēik- 298.]

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