ambhi / Indo-European roots



Probably derived from *ant-bhi, "from both sides" (see ant-)
1. Reduced form *bhi.
a. by1; abaft, but from Old English bi, , be, by;
b. be- from Old English be-, on all sides, be-, also intensive prefix;
c. beleaguer from Middle Dutch bie, by;
d. bivouac from Old High German bi, by, at. a-d all from Germanic *bi, *bi- (intensive prefix).
a. Ember Day from Old English ymbe, around;
b. ombudsman from Old Norse um(b), about, around;
c. umlaut from Old High German umbi, around. a-c all from Germanic *umbi.
a. ambi- from Latin ambi-, around, about;
b. alley1, alley-oop, ambulance, ambulate, andante; funambulist, perambulate, preamble from Latin amb-, around, about, in ambulāre, to go about, walk (*alāre, to go).
4. amphi- from Greek amphi, around, about.
5. Celtic *ambi, around, in compound *amb(i)-ag-to- (see ag-)

[Pokorny ambhi 34.]

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