an- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root an-: aloft, amiss, ana, ana-, anlage, Anschluss, naprapathy, on, onslaught.



I. Extended form *ana.
1. a. on; acknowledge, alike from Old English an, on, a, on, and prefixed on-; b. aloft, amiss from Old Norse ā, in, on; c. anlage, Anschluss from Old High German ana-, on; d. onslaught from Middle Dutch aen, on. a-d all from Germanic *ana, *anō.
2. ana2, ana- from Greek ana, on, up, at the rate of.
II. Variant form *no. naprapathy from Old Church Slavonic na, in, on, to, from Slavic *na.

[Pokorny 4. an 39.]

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