ant- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root ant-: advance, along, ancient, ante, ante-, anterior, anti-, antic, antique, elope, enantiomer, enantiomorph, end, un-, until, Vedanta.


Front, forehead.

Oldest form *h2ent-, colored to *h2ant-

Derivatives include along, end, advance, antique.

I. Inflected form (locative singular) *anti, "against" with derivatives meaning in front of, before; also end.
1. un-2; along from Old English and-, indicating opposition, from Germanic *andi- and *anda-.
2. end from Old English ende, end, from Germanic *andja-.
3. ancient1, ante, ante-, anterior; advance, advantage, vanguard from Latin ante, before, in front of, against.
4. anti-; enantiomer, enantiomorph from Greek anti, against, and enantios, opposite.
5. Compound form *anti-əkwo- (from earlier *h2anti-h3kwo-) "appearing before, having prior aspect" (*h3kw-, appearance; see okw-) antic, antique from Latin antīquus, former, antique.
6. Reduced form *n̥ti-. a. until from Old Norse und, until, unto; b. elope from Middle Dutch ont-, away from. Both a and b from Germanic *und-.
7. Variant form *anto-. Vedanta from Sanskrit antaḥ, end.
II. Probable inflected form (ablative plural) *ant-bhi, "from both sides" whence *ambhi, around. See ambhi

[Pokorny ant-s 48.]

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