as- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root as-: aguardiente, Ara, ardent, ardor, arid, arson, ash, azalea, potassium, zamia.


To burn, glow.

Oldest form *h2es-, colored to *h2as-.

Derivatives include arson, azalea.

1. Extended form *asg-.
a. ash1 from Old English æsce, asce, ash;
b. potassium from Middle Dutch asche, ash. Both a and b from Germanic *askōn-.
2. Suffixed form *ās-ā-. Ara from Latin āra, altar, hearth.
3. Suffixed (stative) form *ās-ē-.
a. arid from Latin āridus, dry, parched, from ārēre, to be dry;
b. ardent, ardor, arson from Latin ārdēre, to burn, be on fire, from āridus, parched.
4. Extended form *asd-.
a. zamia from Greek azein, to dry;
b. azalea from Greek azaleos, dry.

[Pokorny ā̆s- 68.]

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