aug- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root aug-: auction, augend, augment, augur, august, author, auxesis, auxiliary, auxin, eke, inaugurate, nickname, waist, wax.


To increase.

Oldest form *h2eug-, colored to *h2aug-. Variant *h2weg- becoming *(a)weg-.

Derivatives include nickname, auction, auxiliary.

a. eke1 from Old English ēacan, ēcan, to increase;
b. nickname from Old English ēaca, an addition. Both a and b from Germanic *aukan.
2. Variant (metathesized) form *weg- (from *əweg-), extended to *wegs- (o-grade *wogs-).
a. wax2; woodwaxen from Old English weaxan, to grow, from Germanic *wahsan;
b. waist from Old English *wæst, growth, hence perhaps waist, size, from Germanic *wahs-tu-.
3. Form *aug-ē-. auction, augend, augment, author, authorize from Latin augēre, to increase.
4. augur; inaugurate from Latin augur, diviner (< "he who obtains favorable presage" < "divine favor, increase").
5. august from Latin augustus, majestic, august.
6. Suffixed form *aug-s-.
a. auxiliary from Latin auxilium, aid, support, assistance;
b. auxin, auxesis from Greek auxein, auxanein, to increase.

[Pokorny au̯eg- 84.]

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