awi- / Indo-European roots



Oldest form *h2ewi-, colored to *h2awi-.

Derivatives include aviation, bustard, ostrich, cockney, oval, caviar.

1. avian, aviary, aviation; aviculture, avifauna, bustard, ocarina, osprey, ostrich from Latin avis, bird.
2. Compound *awi-spek-, "observer of birds" (*spek-, to see; see spek-) auspice from Latin auspex, augur.
II. Possible derivatives are the Indo-European words for egg, *ōwyo-, *ōyyo-.
1. a. cockney from Old English ǣg, egg; b. egg1 from Old Norse egg, egg. Both a and b from Germanic *ajja(m).
2. oval, ovary, ovate, ovi-, ovolo, ovule, ovum from Latin ōvum, egg.
3. oo-; avgolemono, bottarga from Greek ōion, egg.
4. caviar from a source akin to Middle Persian khāyak, egg, from Old Iranian *āvyaka-, diminutive of *avya-.

[Pokorny au̯ei- 86.]

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