bheudh- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root bheudh-: beadle, bid, bo tree, bode, bodhi tree, bodhisattva, Buddha, forbid, ombudsman, verboten.


To be aware, to make aware.

Derivatives include bid, forbid, Buddha2.

a. bid from Old English bēodan, to proclaim;
b. forbid from Old English forbēodan, to forbid;
c. verboten from Old High German farbiotan, to forbid. a-c all from Germanic *(for)beudan (*for, before; see per1).
2. bode1 from Old English bodian, to announce, from boda, messenger, from Germanic *budōn-.
3. beadle from Old English bydel, herald, messenger, and Old High German butil, herald, both from Germanic *budilaz, herald.
4. ombudsman from Old Norse bodh, command, from Germanic *budam.
5. Buddha2; bodhisattva, bodhi tree, bo tree from Sanskrit bodhati, he awakes, is enlightened, becomes aware, and bodhiḥ, perfect knowledge.
6. Suffixed zero-grade form bhudh-to-. Buddha2 from Sanskrit buddhaḥ, awakened, enlightened.

[Pokorny bheudh- 150.]

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