bheug- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root bheug-: bagel, bail, bee, bight, bog, bow, bowline, bowsprit, buxom.


To bend; with derivatives referring to bent, pliable, or curved objects.

Derivatives include bagel, buxom, bog.

I. Variant form *bheugh- in Germanic *beug-.
1. a. bee2 from Old English bēag, a ring; b. bagel from Old High German boug, a ring. Both a and b from Germanic *baugaz.
2. a. bow3; akimbo from Old English boga, a bow, arch; b. Germanic compound *elino-bugōn- (see el-); c. bow1 from a source akin to Middle Low German boog, bow of a boat; d. bowline, bowsprit from Middle Low German bōch, bow of a boat. a-d all from Germanic *bugōn-.
3. bow2, buxom from Old English būgan, to bend, from Germanic būgan.
4. bail3 from Middle English beil, a handle, perhaps from Old English *bēgel or from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Swedish *böghil, both from Germanic *baugil-.
5. bight from Old English byht, a bend, angle, from Germanic *buhtiz.
II. bog from Scottish and Irish Gaelic bog, soft, from Celtic *buggo-, "flexible"

[Pokorny 3. bheug- 152.]

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