bhleu- / Indo-European roots


To swell, well up, overflow.

Extension of bhel-2
1. Possibly Germanic *blaut-. bloat from Old Norse blautr, soft, wet.
2. Extended form *bhleugw-. fluctuate, fluent, fluid, flume, fluor, fluoro-, flush2, fluvial, flux; affluent, confluent, effluent, effluvium, efflux, fluoride, fluviomarine, influence, influenza, influx, mellifluous, reflux, solifluction, superfluous from Latin fluere, to flow, and -fluus, flowing.
3. Zero-grade form *bhlu-. phlyctena from Greek phlūein, phlūzein, to boil over.
4. Possibly Greek phloos, phloios, tree bark (< "swelling with growth") phloem

[Pokorny bhleu- 158.]

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