dō- / Indo-European roots


To give.

Oldest form *deh3-, colored to *doh3-, becoming *dō-.

Derivatives include betray, surrender, vend, dose, antidote.

a. Zero-grade form *də-. dado, date1, dative, datum, die2; add, betray, edition, perdition, render, rent1, surrender, tradition, traitor, treason, vend from Latin dare, to give;
b. Greek dosis, something given (see 4 below).
2. Suffixed form *dō-no-. donation, donative, donor; condone, pardon from Latin dōnum, gift.
3. Suffixed form *dō-t(i)-.
a. dot2, dowager, dower, dowry; endow from Latin dōs (genitive dōtis), dowry;
b. dacha from Russian dacha, gift, dacha, from Slavic *datja;
c. samizdat from Russian samizdat, samizdat, from dat', to give.
4. Suffixed form *dō-ro-. lobster thermidor, Pandora from Greek dōron, gift.
5. Reduplicated form *di-dō-. dose; anecdote, antidote, apodosis, epidote from Greek didonai, to give, with zero-grade noun dosis (< *də-ti-), something given.

[Pokorny dō- 223.]

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