dent- / Indo-European roots



Originally *h1d-ent-, "biting" present participle of ed- in the earlier meaning "to bite"
1. O-grade form *dont-. tooth from Old English tōth, tooth, from Germanic *tanthuz.
2. Zero-grade form *dn̥t-. tusk from Old English tūsc, tūx, canine tooth, from Germanic *tunth-sk-.
3. Full-grade form *dent-. dental, dentate, denti-, denticle, dentist; dandelion, edentate, edentulous, indent1, indenture, trident from Latin dēns (stem dent-), tooth.
4. O-grade variant form *ədont-, ultimately becoming odont- in Greek -odon, -odont, odonto-; dimetrodon, diprotodon, mastodon from Greek odōn, odous, tooth.

[In Pokorny ed- 287.]

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