der- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root der-: -derm, -derma, dahl, Dalit, derma, dermato-, dermestid, dhurrie, epidermis, tart, tear, tetter, turd.


To split, peel, flay; with derivatives referring to skin and leather.

1. tear1 from Old English teran, to tear, from Germanic *teran.
2. tart1 from Old English teart, sharp, severe, from Germanic *ter-t-.
3. Suffixed zero-grade form *dr̥-tom, "something separated or discarded" turd from Old English tord, turd, from Germanic *turdam, turd.
4. Reduplicated form *de-dr-u-. tetter from Old English tet(e)r, eruption, skin disease.
5. Suffixed form *der-mn̥. -derm, derma1, -derma, dermato-; epidermis from Greek derma, skin.
6. dahl, Dalit, dhurrie from Sanskrit darati, he splits.

[Pokorny 4. der- 206.]

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