dhēs- / Indo-European roots


Root of words in religious concepts.

Oldest form *dheh1s-, becoming *dhēs-. Possibly an extension of dhē-

Derivatives include feast, fanatic, atheism, enthusiasm.

1. Suffixed form *dhēs-yā-. fair2, feria from Latin fēriae (< Archaic Latin fēsiae), holidays.
2. Suffixed form *dhēs-to-. feast, fest, festal, festival, festive, festoon, fete, fiesta; Oktoberfest from Latin fēstus, festive.
3. Suffixed zero-grade form *dhəs-no-. fanatic; profane from Latin fānum, temple.
4. Suffixed zero-grade form *dhəs-o-. theo-; apotheosis, atheism, enthusiasm, henotheism, pantheon, polytheism, tiffany from Greek theos (< *thes-os), god.

[Pokorny dhēs- 259.]

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