dheuə- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root dheuə-: down, dune, funeral, town.


To close, finish, come full circle.

Oldest form *dheuh2-. Probably related to dheu-2, "to die"
1. Suffixed zero-grade form *dhū-no- (< *dhuə-no-), enclosed, fortified place; hill-fort.
a. (i) down1, down3 from Old English dūn, hill; (ii) dune from Middle Dutch dūne, sandy hill. Both (i) and (ii) from Germanic *dūnaz, possibly from *dhū-no-;
b. town from Old English tūn, enclosed place, homestead, village, from Germanic *tūnaz, fortified place, borrowed from Celtic *dū-no-, hill, stronghold.
2. Suffixed form *dhū-nes- (< *dhuə-nes-) funeral from Latin fūnus, funeral.

[In Pokorny 4. dheu- 261.]

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