el- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root el-: archine, elbow, ell, olecranon, uilleann pipe, ulna.


Elbow, forearm.

1. Extended form *el-inā-, elbow.
a. ell2 from Old English eln, forearm, cubit, from Germanic *elinō;
b. elbow from Old English elnboga, elbow, from Germanic compound *elino-bugōn-, "bend of the forearm" elbow (*bugōn-, bend, bow; see bheug-);
c. ulna from Latin ulna, forearm.
2. Extended o-grade form *ol-enā-. uilleann pipe from Old Irish uilenn, elbow.
3. Extended lengthened o-grade form *ōl-enā-. olecranon from Greek ōlenē, elbow.
4. Extended basic form *el-in-. arshin from Old Persian arašn-, ell, from Indo-Iranian *aratn(i)-, probably from a variant *el-etn- of *el-in-.

[Pokorny 8. el- 307.]

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