epi / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root epi: duopsony, epi-, ob-, oblast, obnubilate, opisthognathous, opsonin.


Near, at, against.

1. ob- from Latin ob, ob-, before, to, against.
2. epi- from Greek epi, on, over, at.
3. opisthobranch, opisthognathous from Greek opisthen, behind, at the back.
4. Zero-grade form *pi, on, in Greek piezein (see sed-)
5. oblast from Russian oblast', oblast, from Old Church Slavonic ob, on.
6. Reduced prefixal form *op- in *op-wer-yo- (see wer-4)
7. duopsony, opsonin from Greek *ops, extra on the side, with, in noun opson, condiment, cooked food.

[Pokorny epi 323.]

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