euə- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root euə-: devastate, evacuate, evanesce, vacant, vacate, vacation, vacuum, vain, vanish, vanity, vaunt, void, wane, want, wanton, waste.


To leave, abandon, give out, whence nominal derivatives meaning abandoned, lacking, empty.

Oldest form *h1euh2-, zero-grade *h1uh2-, with variant form *h1weh2-, colored to *h1wah2-, becoming *wā-.
1. Suffixed form *wə-no-.
a. wane; wanton from Old English wanian, to lessen (from Germanic *wanēn), and wan-, without;
b. want from Old Norse vanta, to lack, from North Germanic *wanatōn.
2. Suffixed form *wā-no-. vain, vanity, vaunt; evanesce, vanish from Latin vānus, empty.
3. Extended form *wak-. vacant, vacate, vacation, vacuity, vacuum, void; avoid, devoid, evacuate from Latin vacāre (variant vocāre), to be empty.
4. Extended and suffixed form *wās-to-. waste; devastate from Latin vāstus, empty, waste.

[Pokorny 1. eu- 345.]

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